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Making An Offer

Preparing the Offer

Many of you may worry that the property you love will somehow slip through your fingers. Don’t be. You’ve got an expert by your side. Me. My job, as your real estate agent, is to ensure you get that home – and at a price that works for you and that you get it before other Buyer’s have the opportunity.

The first step is preparing the Offer. This is the document I present to the seller that basically states the price you’re offering, as well as any conditions.

The price we go in with is critical- You want it to reflect the true market value of the property so the seller will take your offer seriously. Don’t worry. I know how to prepare a winning offer and get you the property at the lowest possible price. In fact, I look after your interests throughout the entire process.

How the Process Works

When you decide to make an offer on a home, here’s what typically happens:

• I’ll recommend a price that has the best chance of being accepted by the seller, without over-paying for the home.

• Obviously, sellers prefer offers that have no conditions. However, I will suggest conditions such as; home inspection, financing, and insurance… We’ll talk about that.

• I’ll prepare the necessary documents and present your offer to the seller and his or her real estate agent personally.

• If the offer isn’t accepted, or if the seller makes a counter-offer, I’ll work with the seller’s agent, skillfully negotiating on your behalf to make a deal.

• I’ll communicate with you throughout the entire process. You’re never in the dark when you work with me.

• Once the seller agrees to a deal, I’ll help lead you through removal of any conditions and closing the deal. Then, the home is yours. Congratulations!

I realize that making an offer can seem like the nail-biting part of the process. It doesn’t have to be. That’s the advantage of selecting a real estate agent who, like me, puts clients first. When you go after a property you really want, you can take comfort in knowing you have an expert on your side… someone who knows how to get that home for you.

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What Buyers Notice Most When Viewing a Home

Do you remember the last time you viewed a home for sale? What do you recall about that property? You likely remember the features and characteristics that stood out, such as the gorgeous hardwood floors, the spacious kitchen with the long island, or… the faucet that was dripping in the main floor washroom!

Obviously, you want potential buyers to notice the great features of your home rather than those things that are less appealing. So, when preparing your home for sale, pay particular attention to what a buyer is likely to notice and remember.

Say, for example, you have a small unused bedroom that has become the unofficial storage room. If something doesn’t go anywhere else, it gets put in that room! Now it’s a cluttered space.

What will buyers remember about that room after a viewing? Will they see the potential for a home office or comfy reading room? Most likely, they will just remember a small, cluttered, potentially unusable space.

Buyers will also notice a dripping faucet, a scuff in the wall, or the lingering smell of spicy cooking in the kitchen. They will remember all the things that stand out, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

So, when you list your property, make sure that what stands out for potential buyers are the desirable features of your property.

If you have a wonderful sitting room with large windows and a great view, make sure that space is clean and comfortable. You may even want to “stage” it a little, perhaps with some fresh flowers and a good book sitting on the end table.

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Turn $5000 Into $60,000 With Proper List Prep

The market in Northumberland County & beyond has become increasingly busy as a result of COVID-19 and while we are sick of seeing the “SOLD OVER ASKING” posts being used in ad campaigns throughout social media channels we felt that it was important to share the behind the scenes of what “SOLD OVER ASKING” actually meant for this Seller that we recently represented.

For weeks before activating on the MLS System, the Seller worked closely with Sydney and our team of trusted professionals to create a plan that would yield a record result. Sure, part of the sale price comes with the pace of the marketplace but what you didn’t see is what truly matters most;

Our Seller embraced every single pre-listing recommendation, invested in a mini-makeover, added a little sweat equity and a whole lot of attention to detail prior to activation. Our team worked together to ensure flooring, light fixtures, paint & new stainless steel appliances were installed before staging day! Once the makeover was complete, our team cleaned, furnished, photographed & marketed the unit.

The competition was listed for $329,000 & $349,000- both receiving multiple offers and average sale prices. We listed for the perceived market value of $349,000 and continued to execute our strategic marketing plan all while knowing we were showcasing the best possible product! …The rest was up to the market… and boy did it deliver!

This Seller obtained 6 offers and was able to turn his $5000 INVESTMENT into a gossip-worthy sale price of over $400,000. With the right team, an honest professional and proper planning, it’s worth spending a little to make ALOT MORE than the competition ($60,000+ more).

To book your 30 MIN LISTING CONSULTATION, call or text Sydney (905) 396-8600

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5 Things YOU NEED TO KNOW Before Listing Your Home!

Are you thinking of listing your home in the coming months?

Here are our TOP 5 TIPS for a successful sale

1. Connect with a PROFESSIONAL REALTOR®- one who has local, in-depth knowledge of the market you are planning to list in;

2. With your chosen REALTOR®, create and follow a customized pre-listing plan which will include items such as decluttering, depersonalization and staging preparation;

3. Review a pricing analysis with your REALTOR® to determine the best position for your home within the local marketplace. A true professional will explain the strategy behind pricing recommendations;

4. Release a perfect property presentation to the marketplace!!! This MUST include professional photography, drone images, video, 3D tour & floor plans;

5. Prepare for showings!!!!!! I’d love to suggest a mini-vacation but, COVID so..if it is at all possible, stay with a friend or family member because living in a staged space is HARD. If leaving isn’t an option, one of our best tips is to keep a GO BAG near the front door. Make sure it is large enough to throw any last minute items into just in case a potential Buyer requests a last minute viewing.

Selling is stressful. Be sure to hire the right Realtor®!