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5 Things YOU NEED TO KNOW Before Listing Your Home!

Are you thinking of listing your home in the coming months?

Here are our TOP 5 TIPS for a successful sale

1. Connect with a PROFESSIONAL REALTOR®- one who has local, in-depth knowledge of the market you are planning to list in;

2. With your chosen REALTOR®, create and follow a customized pre-listing plan which will include items such as decluttering, depersonalization and staging preparation;

3. Review a pricing analysis with your REALTOR® to determine the best position for your home within the local marketplace. A true professional will explain the strategy behind pricing recommendations;

4. Release a perfect property presentation to the marketplace!!! This MUST include professional photography, drone images, video, 3D tour & floor plans;

5. Prepare for showings!!!!!! I’d love to suggest a mini-vacation but, COVID so..if it is at all possible, stay with a friend or family member because living in a staged space is HARD. If leaving isn’t an option, one of our best tips is to keep a GO BAG near the front door. Make sure it is large enough to throw any last minute items into just in case a potential Buyer requests a last minute viewing.

Selling is stressful. Be sure to hire the right Realtor®!



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